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Healing Joules, LLC

Broomfield, CO




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The Future

Namaste. My name is Holly and I am the founder of Healing Joules, LLC. It all started when an acquaintance of mine was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and was told she had one month to live. She is the same age as me and also has a young daughter. I was moved to reach out to the vast and giving community of healers on LinkedIn and posted a prayer and distance healing request. I was overwhelmed with the good wishes being sent for her and the distance healing offers. One offer struck a chord with me which was sujok acupuncture. I was not sure how she'd receive this therapy already being in the hospital, and that's when another modality came to mind; crystal therapy. I knew that crystals had amazing healing abilities but didn't realize the extent to which they can hold vast amounts of information. And, that one could actually add the information through intention and sound. We got busy programming crystals with acupuncture scheme information and Healing Joules was born. My friend agreed that she’d like to try the therapy, she certainly had nothing to lose.


Fast forward and my friend went in to remission and the cancer was undetectable. Since then, countless others have benefited from this wonderful new therapy, including many close friends and family members. I knew it was part of my calling as a healer to help bring this type of healing to the world.


I was once told by a well-respected astrologer that I would "help many, many people". I am determined to manifest that path into reality and am excited I can provide Healing Joules to anyone around the world via the world wide web. I am grateful to have been chosen to carry out such work for the great good of all.




Healing Joules strives to provide balance and healing to supplement traditional healthcare in a non-invasive and lasting way while healing the cause of dis-ease.




If you are not satisfied with your Healing Joules, just return them within 30 days for a full refund. You should be able to tell if you want to keep them within the first 30 days. We realize not all people can afford even Healing Joules therapy (much less expensive than traditional doctor’s visits and drugs) so we will give a full set of Healing Joules to one person per month. Check out our Healing Joules Giving program to nominate yourself or a loved one.



When I began, it was my goal to open a holistic health store in Boulder, CO where you can come in and purchase custom Healing Joules, but it turned out better than I could have imagined. Healing Joules is now in Pathways Wellness Center in Arvada CO. The center offers a wide variety of healing modalities including Emotion Code, Reiki, Naturopath, Reflexology, FAR Infrared Sauna, Chiropractic, and Essential Oil therapy. 

Looking forward to hearing your success story and to a healthier you!

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