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What Are Healing Joules?

Healing Joules are crystal therapy that heal the cause of dis-ease through acupuncture schemes programmed into crystals for crystal energy healing.

What is SuJok?

"Su" is Korean for "hand" and "Jok" means foot. The hands and feet represent a mirror image of the anatomy of the human body with all of its associated organs and structures. The hands and feet are like energy centers through which the functions of the body can be both assessed and treated.


Since its discovery, Sujok Onnuri Medicine has evolved into a fundamental system which comprises the methods of Traditional Chinese medicine - meridians system; Yoga - chakras system; Babylon sacral methods - Neitro Spiral Systems; and the most known to the western world, The Egyptian Mysteries of Pyramids - The Diamond Energy system.


These methods are easy to interpret and understanding compared to most advanced acupuncture schemes – having all points on fingers joints and similar which makes it easy to read the locations. The crystals are even simpler with the energy going to work where it is needed simply by keeping them close to you. Additionally, no mistakes can be made because it is your vital energy which activates and facilitates the healing as needed.


Why Crystals?

Crystals have healing powers in their natural state but when charged with special Sujok healing schemes and crystalized sound therapy, this is where the healing energies of Healing Joules is possible. The quantum waves which are created as a result of the su-jok energy and sound therapy need something to bond them in order to continue as an energetic whole. Just as our bodies are containers for our souls, crystals make great containers for energy. 

Using crystals to heal is not new. Native Americans and Australians have been doing it for centuries. The closeness these people have to the earth logically lead them to use natural materials for healing and wellness including crystals and plants. People have used crystals for chakra balancing for hundreds of years.

It is simple to understand the connection between crystals and healing when you think of it in terms of energy vibration. Our bodies have energy fields (subtle bodies) and energy centers (chakras). As science catches up with such therapy, it will become common place to use crystals as they are a non-invasive and intelligent therapy alternative to invasive surgery or drugs (which only mask the issues and cause harm to your body).

The results of Healing Joules are undeniably positive. Read our testimonials. Or, for more information, read our FAQs.



Types of Conditions Healing Joules Can Treat


  • all cardiovascular diseases

  • stroke, blood clots in brain vessels

  • diabetes

  • arthritis

  • migraines 

  • cystic fibrosis help

  • cancer

  • high blood pressure

  • eyes and vision problems

  • hearing problems

  • men's and women's health (prostate, breast, ovarian, fertility)

  • teeth health and teething relief for babies

  • varicose veins and thromboflebite

  • cosmetic help (acne, wrinkles)

  • addictions - smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction

  • even motion sickness relief for travellers!


Visit this page for a comprehensive list of dis-ease Healing Joules can treat.


If you do not see your condition in the shopping area, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We are busy adding new Healing Joules listings each week. In the meantime, just click on "custom" and we'll develop a custom Healing Joules to suit your specific needs.

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