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Holistic Pet Therapy

Our pets are our children. We want the best for them and because their lives are shorter than ours, it is often difficult to see our little angels experiencing health issues or just old age.


Now you have a choice. Stretch their life expectancy and heal them of their dis-ease by purchasing Healing Joules for Pets.


It's simple. Just hang the metal charm with Healing Joules crystals inside, on their collar and the healing will begin. It activates their own Chi (universal life force energy) to release the blocked energy that is manifesting into whatever is ailing them. Once unblocked, the energy is flowing as it should and naturally, their health will grately improve.


There are virtually thousands of ways our precious pets become sick. The healing sujok acupuncture goes beyond pain relief and unravels the issues in their energy channels that are causing the dis-ease to manifest. We have helped animals with anxiety, cancer, ACL tears, skin issues, and general well-being however, virtually any issue a pet has can be healed with Healing Joules.


And with our money-back gurantee, your pet will heal or your money back. Send us a picture of your pet today and outline any health issues you are concerned about. We will then do an energy analysis on your pet and let you know what type of Healing Joules would be best for them. 


We look forward to healing your family members. Be sure to read our blog about Healing Joules for Pets.

Begin the Healing for your Pet

Tell us about your pet and any health concerns you have. We will then do an energy analysis in order to program the best therapy for maximum success.

Your pet's information was sent successfully!

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