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Healing JOules Testimonials

These are real testimonials from people who have experienced and love Healing Joules. Be sure to share your story below if you love them too. Healing Joules work!


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Leukemia Healing
Uterine Health & Fertility

"I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia which is a very rare form of blood cancer. I was instantly put on a genetic drug therapy which is the best treatment option available. It is as close to a cure as you can get. I was having great results in the months after starting this drug, I was hitting every bench mark until a few months ago when my numbers were not going down as we had hoped. 

I was able to get Healing Joules and I felt like I had more energy overall. After about two months of wearing the crystals I went back to my oncologist and found out that my numbers had dropped pretty substantially and my doctor and myself were very pleased." 

UPDATE: "My PCR is at .8% the lowest ever! And below one. You wouldn't even be able to detect the CML in a bone marrow biopsy!!! My doctor was talking about a drop in my counts that was 'unexplanable' and I believe it's from the Joules."

Zoe, CO
Cancer & Custom Healing Joules 

Blood Pressure & Anxiety

"It has been just over a month since I began to Healing Joules, within a few days the hypertension in my throat area lowered. I had fluctuating blood pressure problems where my blood pressure would be very low then it would go very high; inside two weeks of using the crystals my blood pressure has stabilized. After a month of using the crystals I found I have been sleeping better and do not get as stressed as I used to get. Also now I am able to focus and concentrate better than I did before." 


Johanna, South Australia

Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Eye, Brain & Hand Coordination, and Well Being Healing Joules

Teeth Health

"My 30 year old filling that left a crator in my tooth was killing me. The dentist was too expensive. After wearing Healing Joules, it doesn't hurt, ever."


Shawn, CO

Teeth Health Healing Joules

Migraine & Well Being

"I must say I haven't had much sleep this week and that would usually trigger something and yet I feel great and had really great sleep last night as well. The evidence is clear. If I have Healing Joules on for an extended period of time, no headaches, if they come off for too long the headaches come back.


I think you've got a winner on your hands. I can't really give credit to anything else for being migraine-free since I received them."


Claudia, FL

Migraine & Well Being Healing Joules

"After getting my IUD out I was experiencing horrible, painful cramps and extreme PMS'ing with each of my cycles. I was a little skeptical of wearing the Healing Joules at first because of my medical background, but decided that it couldn't hurt and wanted to try something new. I couldn't have been happier with the results.


I was just hoping to reduce some pain and get my body's hormones back on track while trying to get pregnant. Well, after wearing the Joules for just one month, I experienced no more cramps, and we are expecting our second child!!!


We are 100% believers and will be using Healing Joules for many other needs in the future."


Emily, TN

Uterine Health & Menstrual Cramp Healing Joules

Arthritis & Hot Flashes

"Dealing with a second season of menopausal symptoms and osteoarthritis, left me tired, do to wakeful nights, and fed up. Not wishing to use drugs, I was searching for natural options to provide relief. I wear my crystals on a necklace day and night, and am experiencing blessed relief.


The hot flashes, and day and night sweats, have been reduced by half, at least, and when they do come on, the duration is lessened and never really peak in intensity. My arthritis pain had seemed stronger at night, a deep, burning pain sometimes, and that has been greatly lessened, plus I am experiencing more flexibility. I do not want to EVER be without my healing joules!"


Pam, CO

Arthritis & Hot Flash Healing Joules

Migraine Healing

"I've been wearing the Healing Joules continuously for over 4 weeks now and I have had no headaches.  I used to have 2-3 a week! I noticed a couple times that it felt like a headache wanted to happen… but it never did.  Can’t explain it… but I like it!" 

Michelle, CO
Migraine Healing Joules

Arthritis Healing

"My Healing Joules seem to be working for me more than you can imagine. I will continue using crystals cause you have made a believer out of me."

Betty, CO
Arthritis Healing Joules

Depression & Well Being

"Since I have started wearing the Healing Joules, I have felt a sense of stability that was previously fleeting and situational. I now feel that dealing with difficulties, whether at work, in relationships, or in the rest of my personal life are more manageable, and my general sense of well-being permeates the experiences I have. Thank you!"


Ian, CO

Depression & Well Being Healing Joules

Constitution & Cardio Health

"I have been wearing Healing Joules continuously for over 3 months.  The first day, both of my hips seemed to hurt - almost a burning sensation for about 2-3 hours. Then it slowly went away and hasn't returned. I have had no hip pain since.  Also, all the cysts I had throughout my body - under my arm, on my stomach, legs, etc. are gone. Magic. What do I tell my doctor?"


Bruce, CO

Constitution, Cardio & Custom Healing Joules

Thyroid Health
Constitution & blood clot

"I'm writing to thank you for sending the crystals to help my thyroid issue. I wore them for quite a few weeks, and have recently just got a blood test back which revealed that my TH4 levelswere absolutely fine - it will be monitored in the future but I'm verygrateful to you for sending it over and helping me out! Thank you again and I hope you are able to spread the word to more people in the future!"


Miriam, England

Thyroid Health Healing Joules

Chemo Therapy Support

"The chemo was brutal and the side effects unbearable, until I put the Joules on my body. Within days, I started to feel better. At first I thought it a coincidence, until the healing continued even during the chemotherapy. The vomiting lessened although I was told it would worsen, and the bone aching tiredness started to go away. Although I chose to continue the chemo, I truly believe and know that it was your programed Healing Joules I wore that bettered my symptoms and condition. I was able to eat, although the oncologist told me I would continue to feel nausea. I did not! I started to eat and sleep without horrible muscle cramps, which were also unbearable before I put the Healing Joules around my neck. I stopped losing weight and maintained a balance in eating and sleeping, which the MD’S also told me not to expect. The main difference was the Joules.


The process without the Healing Joules, I believe may have killed me, as eating and sleeping were impossible, before the necklace you sent me.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart and only wish all those out there that can benefit from your Healing Joules, regardless as to their choice of traditional methods as well, will seek you out and heal as well."


Donna, FL

Custom Healing Joules for Chemotherapy Side-effects & Cancer

"I’ll admit, I WAS a bit of a skeptic when it came to Healing Joules.  HOW does it work; WHY? It just didn’t make sense that just wearing or holding these crystals could cure what ails you. It just baffled my mind; that is until I tried it myself.

I had a bit of an episode that looked dangerously like a stroke, and I wasn’t sure what was going on with me.  I had crystals sent to me, and I immediately felt my head pain sort of “move around” and “do something” while I held them.  I did start feeling different, - better, and was able to get crystals that I wear on a necklace. 


I must admit, I don’t wear them all the time, and when I do, I realize that I start feeling some things that I don’t feel when they aren’t on me.  I’ll get occasional headaches,  sometimes mild stomach cramps, dry eyes; many signs that the crystals are working their magic.  I always think, what’s going on with me lately… then realize I’ve been wearing the crystals consistently.


Again, I can’t explain HOW it works, or WHY, all I know, is that it DOES WORK. Give them a try… you have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!" 


Kelly, CO

Constitution & Custom Healing Joules

Crohn's & Degenerative Discs Disease

"I haven’t experienced this kind of relief from any of the numerous doctors I’ve seen. They have been easy to maintain and wear. Healing Joules have given me relief from the pain and symptoms and gotten me back to work and kept me involved in life again.


My pain went from a 6 -7 out of 10 down to a 0 -1 after wearing Healing Joules for one month."


Lisa, WI

Custom Healing Joules for Crohn's and Degenerative Disc Disease

Vocal Health

"I have been wearing my healing joules and really love them not only for how convenient and sweet they are but I had a voice lesson yesterday and my voice teacher noticed a huge difference. I was able to reach notes that I have never been able to reach clearly and without straining."


Nikki, NY

Voice Health

Celebrity Endorsement

"By now most of us have heard about the healing properties of gemstones. We decorate our houses with them, carry them, and even wear them on a necklace in order to gain the positive effects that gemstones give to us. Healing Joules has taken this one step further. What would you like to change or heal? A small talisman of specially charged gemstones are made custom for you that clasp on to any necklace you already wear. Thus, the healing energies of the gems are with you and you continually receive subtle healing energies.  Healing Joules is a wonderful concept."


Sharón Lynn Wyeth
Creator of Neimology® Science, author, speaker

Custom Cancer Healing Joules

"Healing Joules have been instrumental to both my healing and success. I received the crystals. It is a fact, I was connected to the Joules before they arrived in the mail. I feel centered and connected and confident that my battle with cancer will have a positive outcome. I was tired, almost drained the first few days I wore the crystals. That passed and with it came a new me. I am the same vessel with a much different balance and outlook. I have suggested to many of my clients that Healing Joules have had an amazing impact on my day to pain, living and attitude. I am blessed to be providing this testimonial. Life is amazing in every way, today.


Melody, CO

Custom Healing Joules for Lung Cancer

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