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Broomfield, CO




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Healing Joules Giving Program

We are happy to give back to the world by offering a complete set of Healing Joules therapy (retail value $150 - $1,050 depending upon the winner's needs). One lucky recipient will be chosen per month out of all entries.


You can nominate yourself, or someone else in need (family or friends). Keep in mind that Healing Joules aren't just for healing physical dis-eases, but also mental issues. 


Fill out the form on the right to enter to win by telling us your story. 


We look forward to hearing from you and best of luck.





1. The person recieving the therapy must want to do the therapy.

2. The free Healing Joules recipient's story may be shared by Healing Joules at our discretion (last names will remain anonymous). 

3. You may only win one set of Healing Joules per person, per health issue.

4. Up to seven (7) customized crystals per winner. Each crystal treats a specific health concern or dis-ease.

5. Healing Joules reserves the sole right to decide who wins the therapy each month.

6. If you did not win, we may consider you for another month down the road.

Enter to Win Healing Joules 

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