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Starve and Release Cancer Energy with Healing Joules

Five Sujok Energy Elements

Cancer in general behaves like the ultimate parasite; it has potential access to all body energy sources and is not attacked by the immune system. We are all made up of energy and when our immune system is compromised, cancer can take hold. Cancer energy is powered by the “Cold” element. This is the root energy. It then polarizes energies to create “Burn” energy which spreads it. As you can see in the graphic, Cold and Burn are polar to each other which makes cancer very 

difficult to “cure” using traditional methods. This is because in order to destroy cancer's roots (Cold) one needs Burn energy and to tame proliferation one needs Cold energy. Each type of drug is either Yin= Cold or Yang= Burn. So, a drug designed to kill cancer’s roots can provoke spreading, while one designed to suppress spreading strengthens cancers roots.


Cancer Healing Joules is a revolutionary new therapy which uses Sujok Acupuncture to target, breakup, and release cancer’s energies and the dualism of Cold and Burn is no longer a problem. Wearing Healing Joules can significantly block cancer from spreading while allowing accumulation of positive energy to fight it.


As catastrophic as cancer seems, it certainly has an Achille's heel which lies in ones emotional-mental structures; cancer's existence fully depends on something surprising and completely within our power to change; the cluster of emotional/mental energies which constantly produce negative energy from one's neutral vital energy. Like an engine, it feeds cancer. Destroying it leaves cancer starving and with one's energy growing, it finally comes to overpowering it - the same as cancer was trying to do.


Healing Joules for cancer:

  • Destroys emotional/mental roots of cancer (the basement energy supply)

  • Eliminates excess Cold and destroys cancer’s physical structures


One however, should not rely exclusively on Healing Joules to treat cancer and we recommend paring it with a number of other therapies including a Yang diet, alkaline water, MMS/DCA protocols, herbal medicine and various other therapies.


Additionally, working to eliminate all negative energy clusters plus obtaining better Yin-Yang balance in your body will result in cancer being unable to return once it is gone. Cancer is grave Yin excess, so getting more Yang energy with proper meal choice and you'll reach the level of Yang which is deadly for cancer - and this level is yet quite below the ideal 50%/50%. Tibet monks have - Yin-Yang as 50%/50%!

But as for battling cancer, every day counts. To collect Yang quicker you should have Yang meals in your diet at 70-75%.


We have prepared a self-help guide which outlines some recipes to use in conjunction with Healing Joules for cancer help. Fill out the form on the right and we will email it to you.


And with our money-back gurantee, this is one of the most affordable, non-invasive, and holistic cancer treatments available today.

Cancer Healing Joules $1,250

Your request was successful. We will email your cancer self help guide to the email you provided.

What is included in the Cancer Healing Joules?

Every type of cancer is different and we will work with you on a complete and custom set of Healing Joules. At the very least it includes 5 custom crystals and in most cases even more. Some of the schemes will target your specific type of cancer, while some will target the "time energies" surrounding your cancer (dates relating to diagnosis, surgeries, or other milestones). Additionally, we can monitor your progress distantly and can adjust and add schemes as you heal.

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